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    E-58B type, replacement product of John Crane 58B type, Rubber bellows type mechanical seal Temperature: -40~+230℃ Speed: 25m/s Pressure: 6.2Mpa

Installation drawing and size of E-58B.pdf

Suggested Operation Limits


Speed: ≤15m/s

Pressure:≤ 2.5Mpa

Combined Material

Rotary face: Carbon/SIC/TC

Stat Ring: Ceramic/SIC/TC

Seat Type: Standard BP BO G9


58B is Multi-spring, O-ring pusher seal.


⑴A versatile design with multiple material options for the widest range of liquids and temperatures

⑵An unbalanced seal with the advantage of being very short and fits within the DIN 24960 L1K operating length when used with a suitable seat

Recommended Application

⑴Process Pumps

⑵Other Rotating Equipment

Installation size