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    E-2 type, replacement product of John Crane 2 type, Rubber bellows type mechanical seal Temperature: -20~+120℃ Speed: 15m/s Pressure: 1.4Mpa

Installation drawing and size of E-2.pdf

Suggested operating limits

Temperature: -20 - 120℃

Speed: ≤15m/s


Combined material

Rotary face: Carbon/Sic/TC

Stat Ring: Ceramic/Sic/TC

Seat Type: Standard G55 W


Fits equipment with confined space requirements and limited seal chamber depths in pumps, mixers, blenders, agitators, compressors and other rotary shaft equipment.

To absorb both breakout and running torque, the seal is designed with a drive band and drive notches that eliminate overstressing of bellows. Slippage is eliminated, protecting the shaft and sleeve from wear and scoring.

Automatic adjustment compensates for abnormal shaft-end play and run-out, primary ring wear and equipment tolerances. Axial and radial shaft movement is compensated for with uniform spring pressure.

Special balancing allows for higher pressure applications, greater operating speeds and lower wear.

Non-clogging, single-coil spring allows for greater dependability than multiple spring designs, and it will not run foul due to fluid contact.

Recommended Applications

Process Pumps

Other Rotating Equipment

The Type 2 mechanical seal is available in single, double and balanced arrangements. An outside-mounted spring results in a compact working height that enables it to fit very short stuffing boxes.

Installation size and drawing of 2 type for John Crane