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    E-H7N type, replacement product of Eagle Burgmann H7N type Temperature: -50~+220℃ Speed: 20 m/s Pressure: 2.5Mpa

Installation drawing and size of E-H7N.pdf

Suggested operating limits

Temperature: -20 - 180℃

Speed: ≤20m/s

Pressure≤2.5 Mpa

Combined material

Rotary face: Stainless steel/Carbon/Sic/TC

Stat Ring: Carbon/Sic/TC

Seat Type:Standard G9 G13

H7N have pump ring design which called H7F.


For stepped shafts

Single seal


Super-Sinus-Spring or multiple spring rotating

Independent of direction of rotation

Integrated pumping device available

Variant with seat cooling available


Universal application opportunities (standardization)

Efficient stock keeping due to easily interchangeable faces

Extended selection of materials

Flexibility in torque transmissions

Self cleaning effect

Short Installation length possible (G16)

Recommended applications

Process industry

Oil and gas industry

Refining technology

Petrochemical industry

Chemical industry

Power plant technology

Pulp and paper industry

Food and beverage industry

Hot water applications

Light hydrocarbons

Boiler feed pumps

Process pumps

Installation size and drawing of H7N balance seals Waving Spring Seals